Free Your Mind from Anxiety

You try to solve all your problems in the bed, and sleep doesn’t come easy. Your mind replays what you should have said, what you’re going to do, and what could happen. The stress and worry are taking a toll on your body, and relaxing is a thing of the past. You can feel calm and confident again and have peace. 

Reclaim Your Life from Trauma

You proudly wore your cape and embraced your inner “superwoman.” Now, wearing many hats have taken a toll. You thought you had a grip on it all, but now you’re losing your hold – you’re losing yourself. You can take back control and find balance. 

Match Your Inside With Your Outside

To those around you, you’re successful, strong and have it all together, the rock. On the inside, you’re struggling, hurting, and on edge. You feel disconnected, misunderstood, and drained from bending so others will feel comfortable. Learn how to remove the mask, be yourself, and feel better. 

Does This Resonate With You?

When asked how you’re doing, the response is usually “fine,” even when you’re not
You’re known as the “strong one’ and it’s hard being vulnerable
You are guarded, defensive, and it’s hard trusting others
You’ve been carrying a secret and it’s becoming too heavy a burden
You don’t feel safe and are on edge.
You’ve experienced a frightening situations that you thought you blocked out of your mind, but it’s sneaking up on you.
You are an overachiever and if things aren’t perfect, you fall apart   
You have too much to do, you’re overwhelmed, and things are falling through the cracks
You tend to worry about the future and get stuck in the past
You’re exhausted and have a hard time falling asleep
You overthink things and it’s hard to turn off your thoughts
You have “bad nerves” and it’s hard to relax
You have a short temper and you go off at the slightest infraction

If So, There is Hope. By Choosing Her Therapy, You Could:

Make your well-being a priority and set healthy boundaries
Be honest about your feelings
Ask for help when you need it and be vulnerable
Feel safe
Let go of the shame
Learn to trust and develop and maintain healthy relationships
Relax, exhale, create balance, organization, and control
Accept the past, live in the present, plan for the future
Control your anger and express your wants and needs in an assertive manner
Turn off unwanted thoughts and worry less
Get some sleep

Hi! I’m Quanya Linen

I’m a licensed professional counselor to hard-working women who seem to have it going on on the outside but are really struggling on the inside. Sure, you’ve been getting by just fine with how things are, but now you’re ready for more and want to thrive and not simply survive. Things can change for you, and it starts with you.

During our sessions, I’ll be fully there for you as I create a safe space where you can show up as you are. I’m understanding, relatable, non-judgy and real. With my 9 years of counseling experience, I’ll help you move you from a place of pain and chaos to a state of peace and clarity.

How I Can Help You

You don’t have to struggle anymore or pretend everything is fine. We’ll to work together until you feel in control, calm, and at your best. I used evidenced-base treatment approaches to help you deal with anxiety, trauma, and other issues that are interfering with your life. During our sessions, I’ll offer you support, encouragement, and the tools you need to cope, achieve your goals and begin the healing process.